ds #10


Drillgorg said...

I hate it when my outline comes apart like that.

Anonymous said...

im 12 and wut the fuk

Crilly said...

Why does this not get as much recognition? Quality over Quantity is what I say. Keep up the thought provoking stuff!

(Unless this is meant to be funny. It doesn't seem that way.)

Crillz said...

I was cut off! I meant this specific comic, and 8.

Floramei said...

Great comic! It's simply wonderful, in every meaning that could be taken. =D

[[Well, I guess not--"Simple" can mean dumb/stupid. Nyeh. Every meaning but that one.]]

Linked here from MSPA, btw.

Keep up the tablet-ness!

Also, that pile that used to be a triangle looks so sad...like a pile of ash or something. ;{ Congatz on being able to make something emotionally viable with 2 lines and 2 dots. *thumbs up*